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Body Repair Systems
Body Repair Systems

We use both Celette and Car-O-Liner body repair systems. We also ensure that as many applications as possible are covered in order for us to provide you with the most suitable repair system.

Autotrust Quality
Autotrust Quality

At Autotrust, we are committed to giving car dealerships, manufacturers and owners the best quality repairs to their vehicles. We are able to provide this as a result of our skilled and experienced staff and our high-tech equipment.

Welcome to Autotrust Vehicle Body Repairs

Autotrust are specialist automotive body repairers of luxury and passenger vehicles. Based in Port Elizabeth, we are the best equipped shop of its type in the whole of the Eastern Cape – and one of the best in South Africa.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly qualified and experienced team, our automotive body repair and refurbishment facility specialises in the following:

  • Complex and intricate repair work – We repair all types of damages to all car parts of any damaged prestige and luxury vehicles.
  • Spray painting – Our spray painting service gives you a paint finish that is as durable and perfect as initially produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Polishing and detailing – Our customers are ensured the finest quality as we make exclusive use of the latest Scholl polishing and detailing products.

Autotrust takes pride in being the sole repairer in the Eastern Cape to offer all repairs for Mercedes-Benz SA, Jaguar Land Rover and Lexus. Affiliated with most of the major insurance companies, we are also SAMBRA (SA Motor Body Repairer’s Association) certified and approved as a Major Structural Repairer - meaning we can undertake any repair to any vehicle. This is the highest grading status obtainable.

We service the needs of clients that range from new and used vehicle dealerships and company fleets; to insurance companies and even private vehicle owners.

Contact us at Autotrust, where your car will be repaired and looked after meticulously.

Autotrust is SAMBRA (South African Motor Body Repairer’s Association) certified and
approved as a Major Structural Repairer (MSR) - the highest grading status obtainable.


The Autotrust Team has leveraged their experience and creative talent, creating one of the most state-of-the-art specialist automotive body repairers in Port Elizabeth.

Johnnie Rainier Johnnie Rainier

General Manager

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Step 1. Check-in

When you check your vehicle in at Autotrust, you are taken care of by our friendly staff and can enjoy our complimentary tea and coffee in our lounge while your vehicle is being inspected. Our staff make sure to keep a good record of the condition of your vehicle to ensure we return it to you better than before.

Step 2. Vehicle Body Repairs

Once your vehicle is checked in and the damage is evaluated, we make use of our high-tech equipment and body repair systems to remove any damaged panels and make the required repairs. We have highly skilled and experienced staff in all aspects of vehicle body repair work.

Step 3. Vehicle Spray Painting

Once your vehicle has been repaired, it moves on to our spray painting service should it be required. We use paints from 2 of the best paint manufacturers: Glasurit Paints (BASF) and PPG water-based paints. At Autotrust, we are proud to boast a 100% accuracy colour-match. With our advanced paint technology, we are able to keep up with the international vehicle colour trends of all passenger and prestige vehicles.

Step 4. Some Final Touches

Once all of the required repairs to your vehicle are done, we make sure to assemble all the parts together so that your vehicle leaves our repair shop looking as if it came from the manufacturer’s factory. We also make sure to check and correct your vehicle’s wheel-alignment before it leaves our shop floor.

Step 5. Polish and Wash

Your vehicle will be polished with the best in Scholl’s polishing products to give your car a finished look. Once the polish is done, our staff at Autotrust will give your vehicle a complimentary wash so that it doesn’t only drive like brand-new, but looks the part too.

Step 6. Autotrust Quality Control

Finally, we run your vehicle through our quality control process. This is purely to do one last final check on your vehicle to make sure everything is in top shape and that we have met the international standards of a Major Structural Repairer.

Step 7. Collection

Once we are completely satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle, you will be called to come and collect it. Once again, you can watch some TV, drink our complimentary tea and coffee or page through the magazines in our lounge while waiting for your car.


Autotrust is an approved auto body repairer of the following vehicle brands: